(U/FOU) NIP 2008 Process: Framework for Implementation

This image gives a picture of the framework for implementation Process.

The first step is to assess the progress. To do this the NCTC or Lead brings departments and agencies together to discuss progress.

The second step is to identify impediments or blocks to the progress. This is where the NCTC, Leads and Partners discuss and identify impediments to achieving NIP end states.

The third step names four groups or paths that should resolve the impediments. These individuals or groups are:

  • a. Policymakers—elevate issues to policy makers
  • b. Interagency Groups—Assign to an existing Interagency body with primary responsibility
  • c. NCTC—Designate NCTC to lead an Implementation Focus Area
  • d. Departments and Agencies—Lead, Partners and NCTC work together to resolve issues.

The fourth step is to simply reassess and confirm that it is complete, or start the process again.